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            Sichuan Rong Wei security services limited liability company is the first by the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau of the city of southwestarea approved the establishment of the security company. Founded in 2005, the company from the general manager to employees are demobilized from the army to engage in safe working professionals, including&n...
    ●  VIP customer service targets
    Serve the community is well-known celebrities conglomerates summit, entrepreneurs, foreign academics, sports, film and television stars.
    ●  VIP Customer Services
     Service coverage throughout the country, at different times, security services related to the development needs of different locations across the country according to plan book VIP custome...
            Through negotiations with customers, understand customer intent required services, market research and planning security service solutions. After signing the contract the successful tenderer for the project to strengthen the training of professional personnel, security services and logistics support drill personalized with the company in addition to the daily management of the project, but by a special inspection team to conduct random checks, monitoring, collecting c...
    Rong Wei security - Our advantage

  • ●  Southwest China's first provincial Public Security Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau approved the establishment of a security company. 

    ●  counterparts in the first through the ISO9001 quality management system certification. 

    ●  management of the company from the police, the army and retired cadres who have many years of experience in security management; middle and project managers who are responsible for 5-8 years demobilized noncommissioned officers, the backbone of 80% of ex-servicemen, are college diploma. 
    ●  From the sea, land and air, the armed police forces, special forces, Martial Arts Academ...   MORE
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